GOV CERT SK as a CSIRT for nodes of Govnet network provides the following services for its constituency:

  • Proactive Services – a main task is to ensure an early detection and prevention of cyber security incidents.
  • Reactive Services – these services directly respond to resulting threats and incidents. The most important task of GOV CERT SK in this field is the response to and handling of cyber security incidents.
  • Security Monitoring – GOV CERT SK performs the security monitoring for the purpose of gathering the information on cyber security incidents from different sources using specialized technical tools.
  • Providing of Security Bulletins and Warnings – a main task is to announce in a timely manner and distribute appropriately the information concerning the cyber security for nodes of Govnet network.

In providing the services GOV CERT SK complies with high professionalism, continuity and efficiency.

If you want more information on providing our services, please contact us.